About Us

Aero Care Flying Club has a range of aircraft to suit your needs, from local sightseeing or taking the family to the coast for vacation. All are IFR-equipped including full intercom systems.

About our company

No matter you've never flown before, or have thousands of hours, Aero Care is the place for you. Located at West Georgia Regional Airport (KCTJ), just outside the Atlanta Class B airspace, students and pilots get the best of both worlds.
Interested in aviation as a career? Aero Care can train you from Private all the way through to your Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument.
Aero Care's affiliation with Aero Care Flying Services ensures maintenance costs are kept down, while the planes receive the highest quality workmanship. This allows Aero Care Flying Club to be an almost completely self-sufficient operation, from maintenance to fueling, allowing greater fleet uptime and control.
Online scheduling allows you to quickly and easily schedule aircraft times and instructors.


Need an IFR rating? Need a flight review? Aero Care provides affordable aircraft rental and dedicated instructors. Sam Giammarino and the others are full time instructors, who have no plans to leave the area!.

You will not have to worry that you'll lose your instructor to the airlines, or waste time and money hopping through a succession of part-time instructors.


Who We Are

We are Aero Care Flying Club and Aero Care Inc. The home of quality and affordable Total Aircraft Care - Rental, Instruction, Service, Maintenance, and Repair.

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12 August 2010