Our Instructors

Need an IFR rating? Need your flight review? Aero Care provides affordable aircraft rental and dedicated instructors. Sam Giammarino and the others are full time instructors, who have no plans to leave the area! You will not have to worry that you will lose your instructor to the airlines, or waste time and money hopping through a succession of part-time instructors.

Chief Flight Instructor - Sam DiGiammarino


Enrico L. "Sam" DiGiammarino, Jr., Sam to everyone but the bill collectors, is Aero Care Flying Club's Chief Flight Instructor.

Sam, who had his first flight at 12 years old from a grass strip in northwestern Pennsylvania, wanted to fly all of his life. Like many of us, life got in the way of what he really wanted to do. Shortly after his 50th birthday, while he and Brenda, his wife of two years, were working in the yard, a plane flew low over the house. Looking up, Sam exclaimed again at how he always wanted to fly. Brenda, without missing a beat, said "Well, do you want to wait until you are 60 or 70 to start?" With her encouragement and support, Sam started his lessons three weeks later.

Sam has been flying for nearly ten years, taking his primary flight training at Peachtree-DeKalb Airport in Atlanta (the 13th busiest general aviation airport in the country). Sam learned in Piper airplanes (low wings) and soon after earning his Private Pilot's license bought a Piper Cherokee. Eight months later, Sam was instrument rated. Sam and Brenda then moved up to a Piper Comanche 260.

Each of their airplanes were hangered at Carrollton in the "T" hangers near the Aero Care Flying Services hanger. Cecil did all the work on Brenda's and Sam's airplanes. Cecil recognized that Sam was "teaching" everyone to whom he gave rides, and suggested that Sam become a CFII and come teach for Aero Care Flying Club. The young flight instructors that Cecil would hire would leave for airline or charter jobs, often leaving students in the middle of their training.

Brenda offered Sam the opportunity to partially retire from their insurance agency, and take Cecil up on his offer by becoming a Certificated Flight Instructor (since everytime she tried to get him he was at the airport anyhow). In October 2001 Sam completed his Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor training at American Flyers in Pompano Beach, Florida. He returned to Aero Care taking over as Chief Flight Instructor.